Once you have set your feet strong in business, its time to prosper & let your business grow bigger & bigger…

Our following services will help you to propser.

Financing/Bank loan

There are lot of financing/bank services which a business needs while growing. Term loans for assets, cash credits, bank guarantees letter of credits, export financing, bank certifications etc. With our business proposals prepared for you, there are high chances of getting different kind of sanctions you are looking for your business. With industry experience we know what lenders are looking forward to while sanctioning any business proposal.

Government schemes

With make in India, startup support, MSME (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) support, export boost, Government of India is looking to help entrepreneurs to grow. To help industries in manufacturing & services sectors, GOI has lot of schemes. We can guide you to become eligible to take the benefits offered by various government schemes.

Due diligence

If your looking for investment from other investor, first step towards this is due diligence. Due diligenc is evaluation of your business performance based different criterias & actual numbers, which are comapred with your competititors, industry benchmarks, product analysis, financial & legal risks and possibility of growth to arrive at a decision to go for investment or not. Business need lot of data to be prepared for due diligence & our expert team will be a holding hand for you in this.

Business valuation

Once due diligence is done, next step is valuation of business. This is based on actual numbers over past & agreeable projections of future cash generation expected from business. Professional help is a must for this & we are their to get you right valuations for your business.

Legal agreements

No business can survive long if it dosen’t have a strong foundation based on precise legal agreements. They are required in every business activity right from setting up of business or taking over a business to employee agreements, vendor agreements. dealer agreements, shareholder agreements, investor agreements and so on.